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Why You Might Want To Go To Trade School For HVAC Training

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Are you close to graduating high school and are beginning to think about furthering your education? Maybe you have been in the work force for a while and you are simply interested in starting a new career path. Either way, you might want to consider HVAC training. There are many benefits that will come from graduating from an HVAC program and receiving your HVAC certification. Here are some of those benefits so you will have an easier time understanding why this might be the best career path for you: Read More»

Getting Facilities Maintenance Training To Start Your Career

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As industrial careers continue to evolve and developers are constantly erecting new properties, facilities maintenance remains one of the most in-demand job paths. To get the most out of this career path, you’ll need to enroll in a trade school that can be helpful. Follow these suggestions and start looking into a trade school that can get you on the right track.  Start researching facilities maintenance trade school programs When you are considering a career in facilities maintenance, there are several paths you can take. Read More»

4 Steps Towards Becoming An Electrician

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If you want to enter a career field that is well paying, has demand for the future and doesn’t require you to sit through a typical four-year college education process, you should consider become a journeyman electrician. The median pay for trained electricians is around $51,000 per year. You generally make less than that as you go through training, and can make much more than that over time as your skills and experience increase and you become a license electrician. Read More»

3 Educational Yet Fun Graduation-Gift Ideas for the Teen Who Doesn't Want to Go to College

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If your teen isn’t interested in attending college, you may be trying to figure out what you can give them as a high-school graduation gift that will provide them with both excitement and education—something that gives them an opportunity to enrich their life and take advantage of various career opportunities. Here are a few interesting options to consider. Flight School Giving your teen tuition for flight school is an excellent way to provide them with the opportunity to learn a new career skill while having some fun doing it. Read More»

3 Things You Can Do With That Old Vehicle You No Longer Need

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Wondering what to do with that old vehicle you no longer need? Here are a few interesting ideas to consider: Turn it into a Playhouse One way to keep your old car from looking like an eye sore if you want to keep it on your property is to turn it into a playhouse for your kids or animals. Start by pulling all the seats and the steering wheel out of the vehicle. Read More»

Addressing a Few Questions About Barber College

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Pursuing a career as a barber can be an excellent option for individuals that enjoy working with hair and providing customer service. Unfortunately, it can be common for individuals to be unsure of what is involved with attending barber college, which can make it difficult for them to decide about this career option. To this end, you may need to have a few of the more common questions about attending barber’s college addressed. Read More»