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3 Educational Yet Fun Graduation-Gift Ideas for the Teen Who Doesn't Want to Go to College

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If your teen isn't interested in attending college, you may be trying to figure out what you can give them as a high-school graduation gift that will provide them with both excitement and education—something that gives them an opportunity to enrich their life and take advantage of various career opportunities. Here are a few interesting options to consider.

Flight School

Giving your teen tuition for flight school is an excellent way to provide them with the opportunity to learn a new career skill while having some fun doing it. Learning to be a pilot will open lots of career options up for your child. They can become a commercial airline pilot, fly private planes for clients, or buy their own plane and work as a freelance pilot in some capacity.

Or, they can simply use their newly found pilot skills to fly planes for fun as time goes on. In addition to presenting them with tuition for flight school, consider giving them pilot gloves, a hat, and a jacket that they can wear during their lessons so they can get into character and feel like a pilot as they learn.

A Volunteer Vacation

If your teen enjoys traveling, consider sending them abroad to volunteer for a couple of months as a graduation gift. Volunteering abroad will allow them to learn a new language, expand their taste palette, and tap into foreign career opportunities, such as teaching English, so they can make some money while they volunteer. And the volunteer vacation will look impressive on your teen's resume once they return home and decide to look for a job. Consider sending them to a South Africa to do some wildlife research or to Fiji to participate in marine conservation.

Photography Classes

Another fun yet educational gift idea to consider for your teen's graduation is photography classes along with a new DSLR camera. The classes will teach your teen how to properly control their new camera, how to use different lenses and lighting options, and how to edit photos once they've been taken and downloaded onto a computer. Your teen can use their new photography skills to create their own business by becoming a wedding or travel photographer or even opening their own portrait studio.

These gift ideas are sure to put a smile on your teen's face and provide them with some new skills and opportunities that they wouldn't get otherwise.