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3 Things You Can Do With That Old Vehicle You No Longer Need

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Wondering what to do with that old vehicle you no longer need? Here are a few interesting ideas to consider:

Turn it into a Playhouse

One way to keep your old car from looking like an eye sore if you want to keep it on your property is to turn it into a playhouse for your kids or animals. Start by pulling all the seats and the steering wheel out of the vehicle. Next, measure the dashboard and front console area and then have a piece of plywood cut to that size. Sand and paint the plywood, then install it to the dashboard and front console area using screws to create a faux wall.

Afterward, paint the overall vehicle using weather-resistant spray paint – you'll likely have to apply two or three coats to eliminate streaks and make the finish look glossy. Once the paint dries, it's all about decorating! Install curtains on the windows, put new carpeting down, install a play kitchen against the faux wall, and put a couple of small chairs and a tiny table near the other end of the space.

Turn it into a Guest Room

If you don't have kids but would like to keep your old vehicle on site, consider turning it into a cozy guest room. Set the vehicle up as you would a playhouse to start, but instead of installing a play kitchen and children's furniture in it, put a double sized bed and a couple of end tables in it. There may be enough space left to put a small dresser against the faux wall. Put a couple of solar lights on the roof or run a power cord from your house so a fan and space heater can be run for comfort, and so your guests can charge their electronics.

Donate it for a Tax Deduction

If getting rid of your vehicle altogether is your priority, why not donate it and reap the benefit of a tax deduction? The amount you can expect to be deducted when tax season comes around depends on the market value of your vehicle and what will be done with the vehicle after it has been donated. If the facility you donate the vehicle to decides to sell it, the sales price will play a role in the amount you can claim on your taxes for the donation. If the facility keeps the vehicle or donates it themselves, you can typically claim the market value of your vehicle during tax time. 

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