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3 Things You Can Do With That Old Vehicle You No Longer Need

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Wondering what to do with that old vehicle you no longer need? Here are a few interesting ideas to consider: Turn it into a Playhouse One way to keep your old car from looking like an eye sore if you want to keep it on your property is to turn it into a playhouse for your kids or animals. Start by pulling all the seats and the steering wheel out of the vehicle. Read More»

Addressing a Few Questions About Barber College

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Pursuing a career as a barber can be an excellent option for individuals that enjoy working with hair and providing customer service. Unfortunately, it can be common for individuals to be unsure of what is involved with attending barber college, which can make it difficult for them to decide about this career option. To this end, you may need to have a few of the more common questions about attending barber’s college addressed. Read More»